I notice you only sell boxes of braces with 5 or 10. What if I have braces left over after I have finished my project?

Burmon recommends that the additional braces be installed to support the innermost joists. The AFB should be installed 6 inches to the right (or the left) parallel to the straight line of braces.

If your span is longer than the standard floor size, this will help support the middle of the floor where the sag or bounce is most obvious.

What warranty do you offer?

A 30 Day money-back product guarantee.

An additional warranty on the Adjustable Floorlock Brace is also available. This warranty is offered when a licensed contractor has installed the braces.

We have a form available on the website which outlines all the requirements.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

The form is to include:
  • Contractor Company Name:
  • USA Building License Number:
  • Address:
  • Contact Name:
  • AFB Invoice Number:
  • Installation Date:
  • Photos of Installed Braces:


Burmon offers a 10-year warranty on the Adjustable Floorlock Braces. Replacements will be shipped free of charge to replace any braces required.

Photos of the braces in position are required and an assessment will be carried out by a Burmon representative.